Silicon Storage Technology

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SuperFlash® Process License

The SuperFlash Technology is available for license to integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) or foundries directly. Under this license, SST will transfer specific SuperFlash Technology know-how to facilitate the installation of the technology for its manufacture in a given logic platform and process. The SuperFlash Technology does not change any existing design rules for the process, and SST works with customers to provide all necessary documentation including SPICE models.

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SuperFlash® Design License

SuperFlash Technology is available as a design license to any firm with a design team, including design services firms, IDMs, or foundries offering such services. As above, under this license, SST transfers information necessary for the use of the technology, including all documentation required, but also enhances this with the transfer of the complete knowledge necessary to create new designs based on SuperFlash Technology. 

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SuperFlash® Design Services

SST licenses off the shelf SuperFlash macro to customers wishing to save time and minimize risks by reusing silicon-proven designs. The “design kit” is immediately available along with all necessary documentation for a successful chip integration. SST also has a team of SuperFlash engineers dedicated to providing custom design services to customers wishing to license drop-in ready designs based on SuperFlash. In these cases, dedicated engineers consult with customer teams and engineer bespoke solutions in order to provide final “design kit” black-box integration macros. 

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SuperFlash® Custom Design Services License
SuperFlash® Custom Design Services License