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Title Date
GlobalFoundries® and Microchip Announce Microchip’s 28-nm SuperFlash® Embedded Flash Memory Solution in Production 27 Sep 2023
Microchip Teams Up with Intelligent Hardware Korea (IHWK) to Develop an Analog Compute Platform to Accelerate Edge AI/ML Inferencing 13 Sep 2023
Computing-in-Memory Innovator Solves Speech Processing Challenges at the Edge Using Microchip’s Analog Embedded SuperFlash Technology 28 Feb 2022
Enhancing System Architecture Implementation for AI Applications, Microchip Delivers its Analog Embedded SuperFlash® Technology 06 Aug 2019
SST Announces Automotive Grade 1 Qualification of Embedded SuperFlash® Memory on UMC’s 55 nm Platform 02 Jan 2019
SST and SK Hynix System IC Partner to Expand Availability of Embedded SuperFlash® Technology 11 Dec 2018
SST and UMC Announce Qualification of Embedded SuperFlash® Technology on 40 nm CMOS Process 30 Apr 2018
Mie Fujitsu and SST Announce Automotive Platform Development on 40nm Technology 07 Aug 2017
SST Announces Qualification of Smartbit™ OTP NVM Technology for ON Semiconductor’s 110 nm CMOS Process 23 May 2017
SST Announces Qualification of Embedded SuperFlash® on 110 nm CMOS Process 15 Feb 2017
SST and SilTerra Announce Production Readiness of Embedded SuperFlash® Macros on SilTerra’s 180 nm CMOS Platform 31 Jan 2017
StarChip’s Secure IC for Bank Cards Enabled by SST’s SuperFlash® Technology 31 Jan 2017
SST Announces Shipment Milestone of 75 Billion Units with Embedded SuperFlash® Technology 19 Dec 2016
SST Announces Qualification of Embedded SuperFlash® on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ BCDLite® Process 12 Jul 2016
Silicon Storage Technology Announces Availability of its Smartbit® OTP NVM Technology on Altis Semiconductor’s 130 nm and 180 nm RF CMOS Platform 22 Feb 2016
Silicon Storage Technology and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce Qualification of Automotive Grade 55nm Embedded Flash Memory Technology 05 May 2015
SST and UMC Announce Availability of Qualified 55 nm Embedded SuperFlash® Memory Platform and 40 nm License 23 Feb 2015